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Diversity Across The Disciplines

Murrell Diversity Book Cover 2019In order to advance diversity and inclusion across campuses, multiple disciplinary perspectives need to be acknowledged and considered broadly. The current higher education climate necessitates multicultural and interdisciplinary collaboration. Global partnerships and technological advances require faculty, administrators, and graduate students to reach beyond their disciplinary focus to achieve successful programs and research projects. The four thematic categories of people, process, policies, and paradigms describe the multidisciplinary nature of diversity and topics relevant to faculty, administrators, and students in higher education. The framework provides a structure to understand the ways in which people are impacted by diversity and the complicated process of engaging with diversity in a variety of contexts.



Mentoring Diverse Leaders

Mentoring Diverse Leaders Mentoring Diverse Leaders provides up-to-date research on the impact of mentoring relationships in organizations, particularly as they relate to cultivating diverse leadership. Contributions from experts in the fields of psychology, business, law, non-profit management, and engineering draw connections between mentoring research, theory, and practice in both domestic and global organizations. Rather than standing apart from the broader goals and objectives of these organizations, they demonstrate the ways mentoring for diversity actually drives innovation and change, talent management, organizational commitment, and organizational success.

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Intelligent Mentoring
For today’s enterprises, few challenges are as daunting intelligent mentoring coveras preparing tomorrow’s leaders. Mentoring is one of the most powerful tools at their disposal. But not all mentoring programs are equally effective, and not all companies have learned how to sustain mentoring. One company has: IBM. Intelligent Mentoring reveals how IBM has done it–and offers specific guidance and best practices you can use to achieve equally powerful results. Intelligent Mentoring shows how IBM has fully integrated a diverse portfolio of formal mentoring initiatives into both talent development and innovation promotion. Whether you’re a business leader, strategist, Chief Learning Officer, training specialist, coach, or consultant, this book presents a state-of-the-art framework for making mentoring work. Drawing on IBM’s experience, the authors demonstrate how to build a diverse portfolio of effective mentoring programs...use mentoring to strengthen organizational sustainable communities of mentors and mentees...promote collaboration across differences... and above all, link mentoring to strategy and use it to sustain competitive advantage.  
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Mentoring Dilemmas

Mentoring DilemmasThe world is continually changing. As organizations become more diverse, the need to recognize and develop talent within others becomes more critical and more complex. Herein lies the fundamental dilemma that parties to these important relationships face. Based on a recent gathering in Amherst, the contributors of this volume attempted to help each other better understand the issues that they were facing in their own diversified mentoring relationships as mentors, protégés, or both. This volume is the result of their efforts.

Organized into three sections, the book focuses on the different types of mentoring perspectives--theoretical, empirical, and experiential. It addresses the following issues:
*Developmental relationships--the emerging themes and theoretical models that discuss the experiences of various ethnic populations,
*Empirical evidence--qualitative and quantitative research that examines the impact of diverse mentoring relationships,
*First-hand accounts--experiences that recount key lessons learned in various situations, including breaking the glass ceiling, among others.

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Inspirational Books

Spiritual Reflections with Unveiled Face: A 40-day journey of prayers, reflections and devotions
Spiritual ReflectionsThis book contains spiritual reflections with scripture readings as both a foundation and an inspiration for your personal journey of prayer and revelation. Taking time for prayer,reflection and meditation of God’s word is anecessary and powerful part of every believer’s life. It is important to record our journey to remind us of how God’s speaks to us throughout our lives as we draw closer to Him. Whatever season you find yourself in as you read this, the hope is that these spiritual reflections and scripture readings will support, inspire and encourage you to record your own personal journey as you develop a deeper relationship with the one who represents the ultimate destination of our life’s journey – Jesus Christ. 
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Tested Mortar
tested mortar bookcover on6lThe stresses and seeming chaos that characterize much of life are not as accidental as we often believe. Trials, tests, and trouble have a purpose. They are circumstances used by God to strengthen us to withstand the world as we seek to be more Christ-like. While we are each God's building, we are also under construction. Tested Mortar is an interactive Bible study designed to help you understand that God does not expect you to live a perfect life — only to submit yourself as mortar to be molded, constructed, tested, and strengthened by the master builder, Jesus Christ.
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A Peculiar Treasure

Peculiar TreasureGod calls us to listen and to hear His voice. He asks for our love and our obedience. He seeks a relationship with us - a divine covenant. In return, He gives us the hope of eternal life and a place at the table with Him. He claims us as His "peculiar treasure". Audrey Murrell offers us a unique set of spirit-inspired poetry to serve as her witness to the love and mercy of Jesus the Christ. Her poems reflect her personal journey, but it is a journey that all believers will take as we seek to know and become closer to our Savior. Audrey offers these prayers and reflections as her testimony to what Christ can do in the lives of those who seek Him.

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