Teaching Approach 1Teaching Approach

My primary approach to teaching is best described as problem-focused, experientially- grounded and evidence-based. In teaching courses such as leadership, organizational behavior, ethics, and global management, my approach begins with identifying critical issues, challenges or “problems” that individuals may encounter in real organizational settings. This provides a realistic context for problem-focused learning where individuals can not only study theory, research and management practice, but also connect concepts to the context or situation hey will (and often do) encounter in actual organizations. This approach often involves exercises, cases, interactions with business professionals and external projects as critical experiential learning tools within the classroom. It also places students as jointly responsible for learning as they must take an active role in making connections between course content and the experiential lessons provided. A core message is that theory, research and best practice are necessary tools for every business student and professional to embrace in order to have a positive and long-term impact on their organization and its key stakeholders.