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This interface between my research and work with organizations continued as I engaged in a two-year project with IBM to help them better understand their needs, current capabilities and future opportunities in mentoring throughout their global organization. During this project, I studied various business units to better understand the logic behind why certain mentoring tools were used and how this could perhaps be a model for other organizations in terms of a more strategic use of mentoring solutions. This work with IBM was published in a book entitled Intelligent Mentoring: How IBM Adds Value through People, Knowledge and Relationships that captures the lessons learned about how to connect goals and strategies to specific mentoring practice and solutions. As a result of this effort, I continue to work with organizations on developing comprehensive mentoring solutions and my recent research on mentoring has expanded to look at enhancing diversity within academic medicine
My consulting is the areas of mentoring, leadership development and diversity/ inclusion. Clients included Alcoa, IBM, Bank of America, Microsoft, Heinz, Novartis, Bayer, Eli Lilly, Bombardier, Kaiser Permanente, Fed -Ex Ground, UPMC, Bayer, American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC), Executive Leadership Council, (ELC), National Association of Minorities in Communication (NAMIC), American Association of Blacks in Energy, YWCA, Carnegie Libraries, Human Engineering Research Labs, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Kent State University, Howard University and Hampton University.